Coronado Beach Elementary Shows Kindness to Our Furry Friends

So Thankful to the Coronado Elementary School Students

So Thankful to the Coronado Elementary School Students

Coronado Beach Elementary School celebrated “Random Acts of Kindness Week” February 9th-13th. Each day students participated in activities geared towards showing kindness to others, including collecting pet supply donations for the Southeast Volusia Humane Society. Furry friends need kindness too! During “Random Acts of Kindness Week” students collected:

  • 93 lbs. dry dog food
  • 47.5 lbs. dry cat food
  • 35 cans cat food
  • 25 cans dog food
  • 17 bags/boxes of treats
  • 15 towels
  • 14 lbs. kitty litter
  • 6 blankets
  • 4 pet toys
  • 4 mats
  • 2 collars
  • 1 leash
  • 1 brush


Thank you, Sassy, for giving us your spirit, trust, and love.

Remembering Sassy

Remembering Sassy

It is with great sadness that we tell you that last night Sassy the horse died of colic. All efforts were taken with Vet care as she became sick. When Sassy came to us she received lots of love, attention, and care from all. She won over may hearts and brought a lot of joy to many who came to visit her and followed her on Face Book. She loved the attention and we are happy that we could give her the love and care she needed. She came along way to being healthy, but lost the fight. Most of all she was happy and loved all the attention from everyone that came to see her and by her caretakers. She will be missed very much. Thank you to all of you who took an interest in Sassy and donated time, supplies, money, and love. She was given the best care we could and the best Vet care. We at Southeast Volusia Humane Society are saddened but she is now free of her illness and walked over the rainbow bridge. She will be missed at Southeast Volusia Humane Society. You will be missed Sassy. Thank you, Sassy, for giving us your spirit, trust, and love.

Grand Opening of Paws Fur A Cause Thrift Store

Please help us by shopping at Paws Fur a Cause beginning February 21, 2015.
A minimum of 30% profits will be donated to Southeast Volusia Humane Society.

Paws Fur A Cause Thrift
515 N. Ridgewood Ave Suite A
Edgewater, FL 32132
(386) 402-8993

Visit Paws Fur a Cause on Facebook

Meet Volunteers, Nevaeh and LeiLani

Our Young Volunteers!

Our Young Volunteers!

SEVHS is proud of its volunteers! They work hard at whatever task they happen to take on. We salute our volunteers and we are so grateful for their contribution and commitment to our animals. Here are two of our youngest volunteers, working in the office on their day off from school. Nevaeh, age 7 and LeiLani, age 10 are hard at work, and as you can see, they have a helper. SEVHS is always looking for new volunteers. Join us today. We have lots of programs and projects that just might be perfect for you. Stop by today, or call us at 386 428 9860

Three New Blog Posts to Start the Year

Spotlight on Camille Dickinson

LUV alias Camille

LUV alias Camille

This week’s spotlight is on Camille Dickinson. Camille has been involved in SEVHS for about 30 years, spending just about all of those years serving on the Board of Directors. Camille has worn our mascot “LUV” the big black and white dog costume for over 20 years. I don’t think anyone could take that role more seriously than Camille.
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Paw Prints January 2015

A blog for those who love their furry pets.

A blog for those who love their furry pets.

Don’t miss this first posting for 2015 on Paw Prints by Debi Laibe. “Southeast Volusia area, on behalf of the Southeast Volusia Humane Society, we want to wish you a safe and happy new year. Our shelter has been busy with adoptions, taking in unwanted animals and showing them how much they are loved and cared for while they wait for their new forever home.”
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Mango’s Resolutions for the New Year!

Mango's Corner

Mango’s Corner

MANGO returns with his suggestions for resolutions for the New Year! First on the list: More Diet and Exercise. I worry about putting on the extra pounds because as a dog gets older, gaining weight becomes a lot easier and harder to lose. Dogs tend to get overfed, especially during the holidays, and people food seems to become acceptable. Make your New Year’s resolution to not give your dog people food. It’s not good for us and it can hinder our overall health. There is a multitude of people food that can be harmful and toxic to pets. If you would like a list of those foods, just leave me a message and I’ll email you what you need to know to avoid the dangers of people food.
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Halifax Vet Center’s Christmas Benefit for the Shelter


We thank the great team at Halifax Vet Center for supporting our efforts and our animals!

Here are the totals for the Christmas party given by the Halifax Vet Center for the shelter on December 13th.

  • $186 cash
  • 26 cans cat food
  • 12 cans dog food
  • 1 box dog biscuits
  • 92 lbs. dry dog food
  • 87 lbs. dry cat food
  • 1 bag towels
  • 1 bag leashes & collars

Treats for Sassy!

Volunteers visiting Sassy, our new resident, and giving her treats.

Treats for Sassy

Treats for Sassy

If you would like to contribute to Sassy’s care, call SEVHS at 428.9860 and ask Susie what Sassy needs most of all. Sassy is a sweet horse and loves the attention.

Chisholm Kids Love to Help Animals

deerug fr

Chisholm Elementary sponsored a pet food and towel donation for the SEVHS.

Everyone at Southeast Volusia Humane Society would like to thank the kids at Chisholm Elementary school for collecting everything listed below for our furry friends. The theme for Red Ribbon Week was, “Chisholm Wildcats are paws-itively drug-free,” and they sponsored a pet food and towel donation for the SEVHS along with a visit from Dino, the New Smyrna Beach Police Department drug dog, and his handler officer Bruce Holcomb. The kids love to help animals. Susie says, “Wow kids! Thank you so much.”

  • 21 lbs kitty litter
  • 23 lbs dry cat food
  • 21 cans cat food
  • 2 bags cat treats
  • 2 boxes / 2 bags dog treats
  • 12 lbs dry dog food
  • 17 cans dog food
  • 1 dog collar
  • 1 bottle hand sanitizer
  • 1 pet taxi

Take the Pledge: If a Pet Store Sells Puppies, I Won’t Buy Anything There
Take the Pledge: If a Pet Store Sells Puppies, I Won’t Buy Anything There

Through their “No Pet Store Puppies” campaign, the ASPCA has urged consumers to boycott all products from stores that sell puppies.“The risk is simply too high that you’re supporting a puppy mill,” said Cori Menkin, senior director of the ASPCA campaign.